About Us

Just the price is a brand new price comparison website currently being developed from the ground up. Our goal is to provide our users with one of the best price comparison services on the internet, helping you to save money!.

Our approach is to focus on the things that matter, and remove the things that don't. We want to provide our uses with a powerful search tool to find what you are looking for, while presenting your information and price comparison details in a clutter free and fuss free style. After all, when you already know what you are looking for, all you are interested in is Just The Price.

In Beta

We are currently in very early beta. What does this mean? You might think of the site as a prototype. Using this "live" approach we hope to learn more than we would in a isolated development environment, and also produce better results.

We hope you can be patient with us and allow for all the small bugs and quirks while we refine our site and our price comparison engine. We are working hard and aim to provide you with the best price comparison service possible, very soon.

The Motivation?

While we provide price details for many products and many different retailers throughout our site, we don't actually sell anything. Our service is just to match our users with the retailers that have the best price available for what you want to buy. The motivation behind our site is commission. For each purchase made through our site, we are paid a small commission that equals on average 2.5% of the product value.